Thursday, February 17, 2011

Children are such a blessing...

A few weeks ago we were excited by the prospect of expecting our 4th child. Unfortunately, there were some complications, and over the past few days have found out that my wife has miscarried.  Apparently, there is still the slimmest of chances that the baby is still alive, but given her symptons and that this was the 10th week of the pregnancy, we have accepted that our little one is sadly no longer with us.
Life can sometimes be full of very hard knocks, but I am just thankful to the Lord for His many graces that have kept us strong in this situation. As sad as it has been, this situation has made me learn a fresh appreciation of the 3 children that we have already been blessed with. And the time spent playing with them over the past couple of days has been that extra bit special...and even healing for a broken heart. So, I thank God for the gift of the children that He has already blessed us with. And my heart really goes out to anyone who has experienced the same sadness, but has not had the tremendous blessing of other children to make the pain that little bit less painful.
It has also made me wonder whether God in His wisdom hasn’t made children so much fun (unlike us stuffy parents) to help us to remember to smile, and to enjoy the life that He has given us despite all its hardships. I have come to learn that when God tells us that children are a blessing, it is in so many more ways than we even know.  
But one of the greatest sources of consolation for me over these past days has been that no matter what, I can be sure that our Blessed Lord Jesus and our Mother Mary love this little one more than we ever could even if she had survived; and that even now, I am sure that they are holding her close to their Hearts, assuring her of their love, and ours.
Eternal rest grant unto our little lost one, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon her; and may she rest in peace.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us; Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

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