Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Practice Penance?

For some time now I have received the monthly CHNI newsletter (CHNI = Coming Home Network International). The newsletter generally follows the format of a conversion story by someone who has "come home" to the Catholic faith (hence the name of the newsletter); which is followed by a short theological article (usually on a topic that is distinctively Catholic for those who might be grappling with them).

Of all the newsletters I have received over the months I have never found even one that hasn't been beneficial in some shape or form. The newsletter for March 2011 has a very interesting article on the practice of penance, and I'd really encourage you to read it:

The newsletter is only 12 pages long (in PDF format) and the article can be found on pg 10. Of course, if you have time and are interested, the conversion story is also quite interesting because it touches briefly on the character of the Protestant Reformers and the notions of sola fide and sola scriptura.

Enjoy! And God bless...

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