Monday, April 25, 2011

Sts. John & Peter – the spirit and wisdom of the Church

Our priest during yesterday’s homily for Easter Sunday raised an interesting point. The Gospel text was John 20:1-9 which speaks of Sts. Peter and John running to the empty tomb of Jesus. St. John outran St. Peter but waited outside the tomb; however, when St. Peter arrived he went into the tomb to see where the Body of Jesus had lain. Only after St. Peter investigated did St. John enter the tomb and believe.
Our priest mentioned that the allegorical sense that the Church Fathers placed on this passage was that St. John represented the spirit of the Church, which is youthful and enthusiastic; whereas, St. Peter represented the wisdom of the Church which moves more slowly. Just like St. John arrived at the tomb, and believed so too the Church is eager to believe but it first waits for the wisdom of the Church to explore and analyse.
I thought that this was a really good allegorical application of the text. Does anyone know where in the Church Fathers I can find this?

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  1. Not sure if this link may give you your answer.

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